Monday, 5 July 2010

So... What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is a fusion of art, philosophy and the physical sciences.

The physical sciences are motivated by a pursuit of pure knowledge. The alchemist, too, is a seeker after knowledge but also brings an element of spirituality to their art. The very nature of spiritual practices makes them difficult to rationalise or even describe adequately. They are seeking after some internal change in their psyches that cannot really be described without resorting to purple prose of Sanskrit nouns that are, in turn, impossible to define without resorting to that same purple prose.

Classical, Muslim or Christian  alchemy seeks to take part in the work of God, to bring the lowly and humble to some state of grace, to implement the philosophical aspects of those religions within the matter worked upon in the belief that this will resonate in the soul of the alchemist and, in turn, bring them to a similar state of grace. In ancient China the prevailing philosophy among alchemists was Taoism. Through experiments in the nature of change they sought to become part of the great process of change that they saw all around them and named The Tao.

(to be continued)

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